This section will help you to remove some of the false beliefs about these Healing Therapy.

For example, one needs to visit Therapist to be able to experience Past Life Regression session. But truth is online session is as effective as in-person. Thousand of people have leveraged online session across the globe and have benefitted.

Stages of Regression can be related to that of altered state / relaxing mind state like one has focus level while driving. Nobody can ever get stuck in any life as it is the individual’s choice whether to remain in that relaxed state or open an eye during the session and come to the present moment.

This is a non-intrusive method where no physical touch is required. Simple Instruction of the therapist needs to be followed in the session. Based on the problem statement / intention is kept and the subconscious mind will show the past lives in which the root cause is lying. Re-living those moments and understanding of how the body/mind connection works will help in resolving issues. These sessions are completely harmless, in rare cases one can experience mild headaches if past lives had multiple traumatic events, but that also gets relieved in 15 - 20 mins.

No, that is not true. As a therapist, I will help you to relax your mind and take you to state from where your conscious mind will be able to view silently what subconscious mind has stored over many past lives. Based on intention / purpose kept for the session to resolve, you will be able to see specific past life. If your conscious mind is sleeping, then session can not move forward so client has to consciously be aware but in relax state to witness what subconscious mind is willing to show.