Healing Modalities

Inner Child Healing with Age Regression & Womb Regression

Inner child is present ever since we were conceived, developing years after covering right from the baby stage, infant, toddler, young child and middle school year. It is a part of subconscious that has been picking up learning, absorbing messages, processing much before it was mentally and emotionally matured. It holds patterns, emotions, memories that finely are weaved into integrated beliefs system in adult. When the inner child is running the show, it’ll choose behaviors, choices and thoughts based on sub-conscious beliefs or memories from the past, and based on what the inner self would need to react in that moment.

Inner Child Healing is a powerful therapy that uses Regression technique to overcome dysfunctional childhood patterns causing pain, sorrow, trauma and abuse on any physical, emotional or sexual levels.

Factors responsible for wounded childhood can be one or in combination of Parental traits on child for exercising control (dominance), aggression, imparting negative self-beliefs, neglect, abuse or abandonment (early loss of a parent or sibling) including dysfunctional parenting or family life.

Inner child Healing

Through Age Regression

How we were treated as children, we end up treating others the same way — often unknowingly as every adult holds patterns, emotions, memories that finely are weaved into integrated beliefs system that becomes part of his grown up personality. Addiction, workaholism, numbing out are just fillers that the adult resort to with healing our inner core and thus the unhealed wounds are passed on to the next generation.

An unhealed inner child makes us feel anxious, insecure, inferior, lonely, small, Lost and unloved. Though healing is possible in current adulthood, one has to accept painful past and undertake responsibility for taking care of that inner child’s needs via acknowledging, accepting, and taking responsibility for choices, love, feelings and re-parenting own inner child. These means providing discipline, limits, boundaries and structure, along with support, nurturance, acceptance, and indeed unconditional love.

How one can know if their inner child has some pains and current life negative patterns are outcome of disturbed inner child?

  • Feelings of shame, guilt and/or pain.
  • Chronic overworking and needing to achieve (to get approval or belonging).
  • Inability to be present in the moment.
  • Regular anxiety and fear.
  • Difficult to accept failure situations.
  • Difficulty noticing and celebrating “wins” in life (no win will ever be enough).
  • Unhealthy relationship patterns and/or avoiding relationships and love.
  • Self sabotage and obsessive/addictive behaviors.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Negative self talk and hiding true feelings with humors.

Thus Age Regression forms a right approach to access deeper levels of mind to free individual from toxic past and take him towards the fulfilling life. While we do not have control over what happened in our past, we can find ways to deal with the pain arising from our wounded inner child.

Here we attempt to begin a dialogue and develop relations with our inner child. When active listening of inner child is triggered it help us uncover and more positively evaluate our life history, nurture our inner child, and find a more positive way to relate to ourselves. Our aim is to acknowledge our past with compassion and kindness while seeking to regain awareness and control in our present.

When we begin to lovingly embrace all that we are, we merge all our fragments into ourselves through this therapy. Self-acceptance brings about this change grows into self-love.

Inner child Healing

Through Womb Regression

This Universe is made up of consciousness, it thrives at all levels in subtle forms. Embryo, besides taking the physical aspects to build cell structure absorbs mothers physical as well as subtle attributes that ranges from her food, thought, feelings, events, vibration, energies etc which directly constitutes his sub-conscious patterns of building up future body layers. In ancient Hindu literature, examples of Abhimanyu & Prahlada of remembering spiritual teaching in womb have surfaced before even getting born!

Any impactful or emotionally charged events that is formed via conscious or unconscious thoughts & that remains unresolved has a direct impact & response is registered in brain patterns or cell structure in embryo, adversely affecting life & emotional energy inside! this later becomes the self limiting belief system and thought pattern in sub-conscious that prevents person to fully express themselves. For example - During Womb Regression client have come across feeling of being unwanted that is carried with them through out their life lived! With this awareness coming to surface the trapped feeling is released and client thus gets relief from these emotional imbalances.

Thomas Verney, M.D., author of Secret Life Of the Unborn Child, (1981), is a psychiatrist who has recognized the influence of prenatal and birth experience in his own work. He has also reported on the research of other investigators in his book. Dr. Verney writes that studies have shown that happy, content women are far more likely to have bright, outgoing infants. At the same time, a highly complex, subtle emotion such as ambivalence towards the fetus or pregnancy, can have a harmful effect on the unborn child. There is no physiological connection, these are feelings that are not of the body, but they affect the body and mind of the unborn child. Verney calls this kind of experience “sympathetic communication”.

Everything that a woman experiences while being pregnant will affect her unborn child as all impulses travel to childs cell. Occasional negative emotions may not have that lasting effect on child, but when its consistently charged or disturbed emotions is experienced child may shut off feelings coming from her mother and child may experiences the lack of support and bonding necessary to grow strong and resilient within the womb.