Frequently Asked Questions

Question of the Day

The most popular question is whether online session can be as effective as in-person? Answer to this is YES. Online sessions gives you flexibility to choose your own 'me-time' and you can take it from any part of the world and additionally you can save travelling cost to reach the center.

Mandatory requirement prior to the session is that you pray to your Masters/ Guru, Spirit Guides, Universe or God / Creator as per your belief system for your Past Life Regression session to be successful!

Your quality time, honest approach will be a deciding factor in this process. For the first session you will be required to set aside approx. 3-4 hours where we will share an intake form. It requires clear answers of various stages of life. Intentions setting is crucial which sets the direction of our sessions.

There are Dos & Don'ts of the session required to be followed depending whether you perform this session online or physical in person! We will send you complete instructions as soon as you book the session by making the payment.

Intention / problems / emotional / physical issues that you are facing, sets the direction of the session. Causative events are seen, felt, heard and emotional baggage responsible of current life's problem is released from the subconscious. These causative events can be the answer to questions on disturbed relationships, phobias, unexplainable disease, excessive attachment or aversion, etc.

Post this causative event coming to light while seeing past lives in the session, the client is taken to significant events of that past life & moments of death where there can be possibility of meeting beloved deceased ancestors or higher guides or masters.

In a regression session with help of therapist, client collaborates with Higher Self that enables self to travel past and understand cause of issues that are taking place in present life.

Client will hear voice instruction of therapist which will surpass rational or logical mind and it will explore sub conscious levels. These impressions are not known to conscious minds but are located deeply in Sub-conscious levels and hence deeper stages of mental trance are required to access those memories. Sub-conscious mind is a power house of all significant memories experienced till date be it from present and all past lives that one has lived so far. Hence in regression, your mind is taken back to the first event or first life where root cause was surfaced.

When past phenomena is re-lived, underlying self impression that forms a root cause, are then witnessed by the individual as outcome in current life. Voila, this identification & conscious release changes his future journey path.

It varies from person to person. It dependents upon how one is used to store the important events in their mind (subconscious). Important events may be traumatic or may it be happy moments, some people store the memories in the form of pictures or videos, it could be stored as feelings or awareness. So if you recall any of your happy or sad memory and the way you are able to see it, similar way you will be able to see your past live’s important events.

The Client can only select intentions / problem statements for which they want answer for. These intentions/issues drive the session ahead. Sub-conscious storage patterns along with higher self & Masters decides which life needs to be shown. Besides, your subconscious mind will only reveal facts that you can digest.

In any life / event where a client is vulnerable, any scene is never shown for their own safety.

Regression session happens only with self will, no one can act against your wish and regress you. First rule for session to be sucessful is client's consent.

The conscious mind involves critical and analytical thinking. It has no capacity for emotions. It judges and compares, using discriminated thoughts this is hot/cold, is wet/dry. The conscious mind is filled with will power, logic, should, want too’s and ought too’s.

Subconscious mind is a powerhouse with two distinct purposes, it governs the basic controlling all function required for living like breathing, heart beat, digestion irrespective of time & second most crucial activity it acts as vast storehouse for storing all significant experiences from all our previous lives or perceived, including emotions, imagination, decisions, habits throughout soul’s journey since its inception. Essentially it means this power house has history of all the past lives lived so far and it can be accessed and seen and impressions can be released after wisdom is brought to our awareness.

The difference is of purpose or intent between the two. The intent of meditation is nothingness, putting aside any notions or thoughts and delving in emptiness. Whereas Regression involves relaxing the conscious mind so that the natural Functioning of the subconscious is focusing on their Powers to retrieve information on a particular goal or set of goals.

In prayer the physical body is still, Mind is calm and surrendered to God and the inner subtle self connects to God or Universal consciousness for fulfilling a wish / avoiding a situation through words and feelings directed towards divine grace! Here dependency is directed upon Prayers.

In Regression, a person with help of a therapist, undergoes an established process of physical-mental relaxation, deep dives into one's own past and seeks release of events affecting his current form. This is a self initiated process where inference is sought from a powerful subconscious mind & super-conscious that possesses immense dormant energy.

No, thousands of case studies across clients irrespective of issues and beliefs, have helped in resolving the issues where even medical science have found to be ineffective!

Clients need to be open and willing to follow the detailed steps / instructions from Therapist, openness in sharing current life’s past events with Therapist, this builds rapport and is vital for Past Life Regression session to be sucessful.

You can recall all experiences with a sense of detachment and peace. In Regression You are safe and secure in setup with a Therapist. Anytime you can open your eyes if you feel uncomfortable of what you are able to see from mind's eye or able to hear from mind's ear.

If something comes up, communicate it to Therapist and act on detailed voice guidance. When an event is observed, or re-lived as a witness from a distance, its effect on current life drastically reduces thereby enabling bringing down things to permanently resolve it. Recalling a past life can show you the transitory nature of suffering and the can make you witness to see relief of being out of a body. It can free you from a fear of death, and give a lasting calm you carry into this life.

As with anything, past regression therapy is not for everyone. There is no way for sure we can know if you can access a past life memory until we try.

Any session's core base begins only when the client shares complete & honest insights of current life & its history with the Therapist.

Many subconscious issues will have a primary origins in the present life. Our one to one session will determine if your current issue needs inner child healing / age regression / womb regression or past life regression sessions. Each person is different, so each session is bound to be different.

Finally success of regression depends on the soul's readiness, openness, and its willingness to bring change, as well as any unknowns that may open up on your session day.