Mehul Dutia

Myself Mehul Dutia, MBA from reputed college in Mumbai, India, carrying 18 years of working experience with MNC in Banking & Financial Sector. It has been very interesting journey to work with figures, data and machines for close to 2 decades and slowly being pushed into healer’s journey where now I am getting the opportunity to understand sacred science of a soul. My connection to divine was always very strong as chanting name of god, hymns, meditation, practicing reiki to heal loved ones was always part of my life.

I have had traumatic childhood and had heavy karmic baggage to resolve which caused various emotional and physical painful situations and lasted for almost 3 decades. Many unresolved questions accompanied by desperation in life for direction forced me to look for the real cause or reasons behind all the drama that was taking place and finally my constant prayers to Lord Krishna to show me the path, Déjà vu moment arrived when I was reaching 30s, and on one of the life event, Guru entered in my life. Master with his divinity form, began to give prominent guidance & I gradually started to find my answers to unresolved question in multiple dreams that were quite comprehensive and made me directly peep in Past lives. Dreams were so clear & detailed that I could see those events of our family member’s karmic accounts in past lives that made us reach to melting point in current life. Thus I got answer of how inter connected we are despite of all our differences, became an important learning for me!

My spouse Dhara is a Software Engineer working in one of the Top MNC whose mantra has been ‘In search of Self one has to walk on divine path with courage and awareness, rest everything can be found through ‘Google search’ :). She has been blessed to meet Spiritual Master(Sadguru Anandyogeshwar Neelkanth Maharaj (Bhau Maharaj Karandikar)) in her early childhood and since then she has been constantly being guided to fulfil her materialistic and divine wishes. In this birth, it was her wish to adopt renunciation (act of giving up of worldly attachments in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment or liberation from the recurring cycle of life, death and rebirth.) but she was made aware in her dream state that she will need to get into relationship to fulfil her unfinished ‘karmics’ of past lives. To which she asked for assurance to get companion who could help her to fast track her spiritual evolution and would not hinder with her purpose of serving mankind and walking on the path as per Guru’s guidance. And it is long story of miracle of how our marriage was solemnised by our Guru / Spiritual Master.

After exploring our multiple incarnation journey through this holistic healing and scientifically proven methods of Past Life Regressions, we were made aware of our unfinished karmics and desire of being together as we could not marry in past lives due to cast and race differences in uncivilized community. It took long years for us to understand divine’s bigger plans of reuniting us in this birth so that our unfulfilled wishes of various past births can be fulfilled together along with our courage to learn more intense lessons and to grow together by helping each other in earth life. (Various masters appeared in dreams at different times to guide us and to push us to take next steps in our soul’s journey).

For both of us common factor in our independent journey until we were reunited by our Spiritual masters, was our strong belief in God and reincarnation and more than that our inner knowing that it is our responsibility to give back to move higher in soul’s evolution path. Our inclination to understand the laws of universe, and share our happiness and joy through blessings and love received from masters and creator made us walk into journey of healing.

Space would not be enough to talk about our past lives entanglement with various souls or to understand role of spirit guides and masters in one’s life but when I see my current life past view similar to Car’s back mirror, I realise that I could travel in arid desert as God (through spirit guides / Guru) created an Oasis for me at regular intervals. I got my queries answered in multiple dreams that made me realise my past life’s various karmic deeds, I made peace with my past, understood some part of how complex is theory of karma. How it works in subtle way & now learning various spiritual lessons like importance of forgiveness, acceptance, trust, acquiring patience, and trying to inculcate love & compassion in my journey going forward.

My current idea of practicing Past life Regression is to give larger benefit and drive home the point of realization that we all are inter connected & profound healing takes place through Love & compassion in life time. It is with this faith & strong conviction that I invite you all to join the journey towards the higher self through increase consciousness which is a gateway for Healing to be imparted!

Dhara Dutia

My journey in the search of ‘self’ started pretty much early in childhood. Adverse conditions acted as trigger to remind me that I am on earth to find my true self. I remember thinking of questions and asking my own self like ‘Who am I”, “Why am I here in this time and space”, “Who decided that I should be born in India or in particular family or why I am female,”, ”Does God decides that I should be born as male or female and based on what he must be deciding”, ”Will I ever know being born as female is some punishment or boon”, “Why good people seem to be suffering more when they are kind to everyone”, “Why we are getting hurt from the specific loved ones who are so close to us”, “Can we change anything”, “Is there solution to so many problems in life”, “Who is sending this sorrow and pain and who is watching and making decision of who is right and wrong and providing justice”. It took more than 15 years to get close to answers of above questions which had erupted in heart since childhood.

I am blessed with psychic abilities ‘Clairaudience’ (hearing voices like someone is talking in mind’s ear giving you instructions / help from your almighty in form of message) and ‘Claircognizance’ (brains get an immediate download from your intuition / feeling of ‘knowing’ / you are made aware of reality by messages being downloaded subconsciously and conscious mind is made aware of truth) since childhood. I clearly remember messages that used to pop up in my mind when I was between 5-7 years of age and they were like “I am here for special purpose and I have to work hard on some research. This should be my last birth and I never want to come back” I had no clue that time what it means. I realised much later in life that many people are gifted with such abilities and I kept following these ‘callings’ blindly all these years which helped me in my spiritual as well as personal growth. Also to some extent I had ability of precognition.

At the age of 7 family financial distress grew into a major financial turmoil that derailed our future into never ending pit of mess. After seeking many solution from multiple astrologers, my parents gave up and our past good deeds paid off as Sadguru Anandyogeshwar Neelkanth Maharaj (Bhau Maharaj Karandikar) entered our life in 1989 who has been guiding light till date. Through his Blessings and guidance, we rose above this event and in all areas and found ourselves excelling in life. In this process, since childhood I learnt to redirect all my worries, queries, my inner feelings to him via prayers which were from within and miraculously I started getting response in the same form. I was not able to understand the source from where I am receiving these accurate replies and instructions / guidance of what exactly is expected in particular situation. And I started to follow injected messages with complete faith with the grown understanding that my cord is connected with my Guru and he is the one who is guiding me day and night.

Sadguru Anandyogeshwar Neelkanth Maharaj taught us how to be in name of God through chanting and have the connection with divine while cooking, clearning, walking, doing daily chores and that became integral part of my life. Even after my Sadguru left for heavenly abode, I continued to witness messages and few divine miracles / in dreams through him as i was always spending time in chanting while i was in school and college. All the spiritual experiences and wisdom that I received from my sadguru will be penned down as a separate book. This space will not be enough to write about importance of Master / Guru in one’s life and how one's spiritual journey is elevated when the divine Master holds one’s hand.

As wished, I could not be more than happy that my spouse Mehul is chosen soul by my revered Sadguru. It is later that in individual capacity we realised through divine messages in dreams, that this life is not our first courtship, but we and Mehul have been together in many past lives! Our life since then has been largely melodious, it is not that challenges & hurdles have not come, but with togetherness and surrendership to Sadguru / almighty we have been able to learn our lessons for this life and learning is continued.

Via my intuition and though master’s guidance in dreams/meditation/inner voice, have gained insight of how Karma, and our own desires is responsible for various birth cycles, this has made my path towards my inner journey very strong. As part of this inner calling, we slowly moved into acquiring more knowledge on ‘Soul’s journey’ and were pushed ahead in our soul’s purpose to help others by brining awareness in people on holistic healing. We invite you to help yourself by exploring subtle science to understand how mind, body and spirit is interconnected. How resolving issues stuck in subconscious mind can heal diseases surfaced in body, can change your current life’s situations, attract right people around for own betterment and how one can grow by knowing their own soul’s plan and purpose of being here.