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Our Subconscious mind is a powerful gadget like a programmed computer device which is part of us. It constantly makes sure that we are breathing and each organ of our body is working as expected. This powerful device has unlimited storage where it registers each significant positive or negative event in our life. Our strong desires, wishes, words, thoughts, blessings bestowed/attracted, curses bestowed/attracted, action done with which intention, everything is written down in a magical slate called subconscious mind. This is attached as an integrated device with our soul. As we understand the soul's deeper science, we learn that every time when the soul takes up a new form of body by reincarnating, significant memories, events, actions and karmic deeds are carried forward. This subconscious mind’s chord is tied up with a super magical book called Akashik records where everyone’s records are written down without any error. Now being in human birth, we have a lifetime opportunity to access these records, re-live events of any past lives, and alter it in a way that our present life becomes peaceful and joyous through these healing modalities which can improve our present life conditions.

Applications of these healing techniques through above mentioned different modalities, is very deep in our day to day life. The issues (events) and negative patterns that keep happening in our life without rational logic usually have its roots in past lives. Unless we resolve the issue from the root, it will keep appearing in our life in different forms and shapes. Pain, sorrow, life threatening diseases, experiencing cheating from different people, allegations and blaming without any logical reasons of any bad deeds in this birth, falling into traps and facing negative situations, failures in whatever one try to attempt , fears and various phobias are examples where modern medicines or scientific inventions have failed to assist. These are not only physically impacting us, but there is mental, emotional and spiritual angle to it.

If not treated from root, then it might change its form but life after life we remain to be in receiving end to go through horrible situations, toxic relationships, mental and physical problems if we don’t try to find out bigger WHY and take conscious effort to heal its root which may have emerged in this life or it could be surfacing from our past lives.

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Myself Mehul Dutia, MBA from reputed college in Mumbai, India, carrying 18 years of working experience with MNC in Banking & Financial Sector. It has been very interesting journey to work with figures, data and machines for close to 2 decades and slowly being pushed into healer’s journey where now I am getting the opportunity to understand sacred science of a soul.

I have had traumatic childhood and had heavy karmic baggage to resolve which caused various emotional and physical painful situations and lasted for almost 3 decades. Many unresolved questions accompanied by desperation in life for direction forced me to look for the real cause or reasons behind all the drama that was taking place and finally my constant prayers to Lord Krishna to show me the path, Déjà vu moment ...